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Monday, 18 August 2014

F is for FAIRY tale

Once upon a time, there was a FINE FIRECRACKER of a woman named Denise from the FARAWAY land of England, who had a FANCIFUL idea for a blog FRAMEWORK. What if she FACILITATED a place where people could FOCUS their FLIGHTS of FANCY, alphabetically? It would not matter if the FILINGS were FACTUAL or FACETIOUS or FICTITIOUS, even FOTOS. And it was so.

Eventually, though, our FOUNTAINHEAD became FATIGUED by the FRANTIC task of FORMATTING introductions, FIELDING questions and other FUNCTIONS. She FEARED that the FORMULA she FUELED might FAIL, and needed to FIND a FLOCK of FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS who could FREE her FROM some of the FRENZY, FAST. And it was so.

FLASH FORWARD: the FABLED ABCW FEDERATION is now FLOURISHING in its eighth year, an amazing FEAT; time FLIES when you're having FUN. This FIESTA has been FEASIBLE because you FEARLESSLY FIND new FELLOWS and FEMALES to FOLLOW on the Linky, and in doing so FORGE a FAMILIARITY, a FONDNESS, even FRIENDSHIP with FOLKS you haven't even FANCIED in person. This has a FINE, FAR-REACHING effect on the world, I am FOOLISH enough to FEEL.

I FIGURE it's only FAIR, not to mention FASHIONABLE, that you provide some FEEDBACK to at least a FRACTION of those visiting you. Don't FORGET!

So now it's time to FIRE up your FOUNTAIN pens, and FEARLESSLY (FANATICALLY?) FAVOR us with a FEW FRESH ideas. Or FERMENTED ones; we're not that FUSSY.

Thanks for being a part of the FANTASTIC ABC Wednesday FAMILY, now and in the FUTURE.


Monday, 11 August 2014

E is for EVANS

I have a new name!  Yes, on May 1st I became Mrs. Evans and I just thought I'd reintroduce myself.  Have you ever wondered what your name means? Well, my new surname means "son of Evan," so I had to go and check out the name Evan.  It's Welsh for John and means (1) "one who is awesome beyond contemplation, (2) so good looking that one is attractive to every female present and at least one guy present, and (3) to be incredibly smart."  I think I picked a doubly good one since husband's parents gave him the middle name of Evan.
From Evans was "first founded in Herefordshire from very ancient times...before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William in Hastings in 1066.
This is the Evans family crest which I like very much!
In my research about the name Evans, I found a piece about its connection to the famous King Arthur.  From the same link as above, it says that "Writers and historians have long been divided ... on the truth of Arthur, the great Welsh king of Britain.  Although many now think that there is some truth underlying the many varied accounts, the hard facts surrounding Arthur's reign are almost completely obscured in a mist of myths and legends." 
So...on my mother's side, there is speculation that I may be the great granddaughter of a Scottish Lord (albeit born on the wrong side of the blanket) and could it possibly be that my new husband comes from the family of King Arthur? 
You may call me Lady Evans now.  Curtsies graciously accepted. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

D is for........Darlings...MY Darlings.

This is moi, Denise greeting YOU the DARLINGS of ABC Wednesday. I greet you from a sunny North Yorkshire here in UK. Outside my hens are awaiting their breakfast, following their early morning DUSTBATH

inside my dog Sadie is at my feet

and a little drive away my husband,

the wonderful engineer is beavering away in his workshop, keeping british industry going.

With him is Bing our other german shepherd......

waiting for 10 o'clock when I call for him and together with Sadie we go for our daily run about on the beach.

That's my DAY off to a start....what about you?
Denise ABC founder and proud team member!

Monday, 28 July 2014

C is a Call to Y'all

The COOL thing about ABC Wednesday is that it is a CONNECTION that CATERS to a wide CIRCUIT of people, not just a narrow CADRE.

It doesn't matter:

* what COUNTRY or CONTINENT you are from

* what your CAREER choice was - CHEF or CHEMIST, CARPENTER or CAB driver, COURIER or CURATOR

* whether you are CAUTIOUS or CAREFREE or CONTRARIAN

* whether you are COOL, CALM and COLLECTED, or CAFFEINATED on COFFEE or COLA

* whether you prefer CLOUDY or CLEAR weather

* whether you prefer CARROTS or CHOCOLATE

* whether you prefer CATS or CANINES

Now we do COUNT on you to CALL on other bloggers, COMMENTING on three or five, or more! It is COMFORTING when someone CELEBRATES your CREATION.

Please keep COMING to visit our COLLECTIVE each week.

You wouldn't want me to CRY, would you?